Barrhead Bourock Parish Church

Charity Registration Number: SC016467

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There’s a lot happening in Bourock.

Summer Club

Bourock Church annually runs a Summer Club for children. Visit our Summer Club website for details of the club and it’s history.


In June 2006, 8 members of Bourock Church visited the slums of Kibera. Visit our Kibera website for news of the continuing partnership.

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Welcome to the web site of Barrhead Bourock Parish Church.


SteepleTalk is the magazine of Bourock Parish Church. Here you can find issues dating back to 2000.


Bourock Church has many varied organisations.

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Why We Support Operation Christmas Child

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Soup Stop

Since commencing in 2008 until May 2017, Soup Stop has donated over £72,000 to various charities.

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Bourock Church supports green issues and is a member of Eco-Congregation Scotland.

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Soup Stop